NET client to view a more detailed list: The Windows identity of the caller is used to connect to Analysis Services. Specifies whether SQL queries include calculations. This section lists all of the connection string formats supported by Analysis Services. Set this property to control how members are aggregated when dimension security is applied. Sets the frequency in milliseconds of client and server cache synchronization.

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This property specifies whether the local cube is overwritten.

This implies, that you can actually join data from your relational SQL database right onto the MDX result set, which is, of course, a huge advantage! Obviously, the main drawback of this approach is being restricted to Windows Authentication.

Run MDX queries on OLAP Cubes via ODBC or PHP sqlsrv extension

If this is empty, 0 is assumed. ,solap guidelines for enterprise web apps – part 1: SSPI supports multiple packages, but you can use this property to specify a particular package.

The server process can impersonate the client security context while acting on behalf of the client. The database must be deployed on Analysis Services, and you must have permission to connect to it.

Specify a comma-delimited list of predefined roles to connect to a server or database using permissions conveyed by that role. Post as a guest Name.


Sign up using Email and Password.

The Windows identity of the caller is used to connect to Analysis Services. When set to null or 0, automatic synchronization is turned off.

IncludeEmpty allows calculations and empty rows to be returned in the query result. For more information about how to specify an Analysis Services connection in existing Microsoft applications, see Connect from client applications Analysis Services.

Valid values are True or False. When set to True, security information, such as the user identity or password previously specified on the connection string, can be obtained from the connection after the connection is made.

OLE DB provider obdc format requests and responses in binary or compressed format. When Analysis Services starts, the encrypted key for each database is read, decrypted, and stored.

sql – SQL MSOLAP & SSRS Class not registered error with certain dimension – Stack Overflow

Sets the name of the application associated with the connection. Joel Coehoorn k 95 The default network packet size is An administrator using this property connects using the permissions conveyed by the role. Alias for Password is PWD. Sets the format of the XML sent to the server. Here are a couple of starting points:.

Connection String Properties (Analysis Services)

When multiple targets are possible, include the cube or perspective name on the connection obc. Email Required, but never shown. This approach only works if you use Windows Authentication to connecto to the database and the corresponding user account has access to the cubes in SSAS.


To use this property, the caller must have administrative permissions in Analysis Services.

Connection string properties (Analysis Services) | Microsoft Docs

The client identity can be impersonated, but only when the connection is established, and not on every call. The default is False. SQL Server Analysis Services Azure Analysis Services This topic describes connection string properties you might set in one of the designer or administration tools, or see in connection strings built by client applications that connect to oodbc query Oebc Services data. If this property is omitted, all roles are used, and the effective permissions are the combination of all roles.

Our product leverages Analysis Services combined with Reporting Services, we recently msloap some changed to add compatability for SQL However, if you store this information in the connection string, this information does need to be encrypted and secured.